Welcome to the Babes to Know feed!¬†I’m happy you’re here.

I’m Christine, I am a comedian and storyteller. I have been enamored with¬†stories for as long as I can remember. This is an at-least-monthly podcast dedicated to telling the untold stories of up-and-comers in Columbus, OH. I’ve interviewed artists, activists, and influencers who have been brave enough to share their hearts with this growing audience. Sharing experiences is how we learn from one another, and learning from one another is how we can grow together as a community.

To me, “babe” is an inclusive, intersectional term. This space actively seeks out the stories of trans and non-binary folks, people of color and those of different abilities. I aim to represent a large range of voices… on purpose.

Thank you for listening; I appreciate you.

We’re part of Babe Roar, so check out more curated content by queer/femme/female artists on the website!

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