Episode 4: Two Drunk Feminists w/ Ashley Stacey

*~BaBe aLeRt sPeCiaL EdiTion~*

Two Drunk Feminists coming at you from our dining room podcast studio. Ashley Stacey joins us to talk about FEMINISM, just in time for this apocalyptic election. Ashley and I had this idea many years ago and it’s finally a real thing! We’re a little longer this week, so listen in shifts if you need to! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @superluminal91. Her selfies and comical observations are consistently on point.

Brian kicks off his tour this week – so tweet @BrianDoney to wish him good luck!

I’ll be at Ace of Cups on November 15th for Stand Up for Choice, where all of the money is going right to Women Have Options. Please come to support this amazing cause. Later that week, I’ll be in Youngstown performing at Rust Belt Brewing as a part of Brian’s Have You Seen My Mom tour on the 19th. I’ll also be at the Columbus Funny Bone on November 23rd in the Talent Search Final round with some of the most fantastic comics in the state. Find me on instagram @christinehorvath_ and twitter @bawdybynature.

Follow us on Facebook @Babes to Know Podcast! As always, listen, subscribe, review.

Babe on! xoxo

Babes To Know Podcast is a Comedy Floorboard Production.
Produced by Brian Doney



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