S2 E7: LGBTQIA+ Activist, Tom Morgan

My interview this week is with Tom Morgan, long time LGBTQIA+ activist. He has been heavily involved with Get Equal, Freedom to Marry Ohio, and Gays Against Guns. It’s a shorter episode because we got cut off early, but enjoy!

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S2 E6: Shanelle Lewis Ward of Vignetterie

One of my oldest and most fashionable friends, Shanelle Lewis Ward, let me interview her! She founded Vignetterie, an online stationary and accessory company. She’s so funny, unique, and charming, I can almost guarantee she’ll make you laugh. Listen in for some insider dish about my life as a sorority girl!

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S2 E4: A Lesson in Saying Yes with Syd McSweeney

My friend and talented singer, Syd McSweeney, invited me to her digs to hang out and talk about music gigs, fucking up at open mics, saying yes to opportunities, and growing up as a mixed girl in Columbus, Ohio. She explains how she went from no gigs to regular gigs; she’s a great example for young artists. Go Syd!

Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl

S2 E3: Power to the People. Fuck Cops. Abolish All of It.


This week, the folks from Black Queer Intersectional Columbus (BQIC) stopped by the podcast to debrief about Community Pride, brainstorm about the non-binary version of gaydar/BiFi, and tease at what they plan to accomplish next. Big thanks to Dkeama, Ariana, and Helen for giving their time to the show this week. Find out more about them through Facebook @BQIC and Instagram @BlackQueerColumbus.

Lastly, in the intro, I mention our friends at Midwest Craft Con, Craftin’ Outlaws, Wholly Craft, and RepurposetheP. Find them all on social media and give them some love!


S2 E2: Sarah J. Storer is Shaped Like a Woman

Sarah J. Storer from Hashtag Comedy is on the show this week talking about willpower as a finite resource, being “Shaped Like a Woman,” and moving from disordered eating to proactive self-love. This is a conversation about growing into self-worth, and I hope you enjoy it. Find more from Sarah and Hashtag Comedy at http://www.hashtagcomedy.com/.

S2 E1: Nothing is Okay with Rachel Wiley

Welcome to Season 2, episode 1 of Babes to Know! Today we’ll hear from our friend and poetry curator who recently published her SECOND collection of poetry, Rachel Wiley! We talk about what inspires her, what messages are most important for her to communicate to her niece, how to know if your doctor is fatphobic, and the exes who wrote the blurbs on the back of the book… it’s a good one! Enjoy xoxo

Click here to buy the book!

Where Are Your Parents?

Danielle Wenger from your favorite local nail art insta account @PouncingPaws joins me in a dungeon studio donated by our friends at @SqueezeCast this week. Thanks Jameson! We talk about periods, getting in trouble in the country, custom nail designs, and being a small business owner. Grab a glass o’ afternoon wine and listen up, babes!

*Full disclosh: this is my first time mixing and recording the show on my own, and I did NOT nail it. Be patient with me, I’ll get it down eventually.*


An Anti-Choicer to Hate F*ck

In this live episode of Babes to Know podcast, join me and the ladies of the Feminist Flag Corps, Michelle and Clarissa, for a hilarious and juicy conversation. In this episode, you will hear more about their experience as abortion clinic escorts, exposing FAKE abortion clinics and yes, more about the anti-choicer that Michelle would like to hate-fuck.

Find more about Feminist Flag Corps and BUY A FLAG here!